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I'm a young smart woman..a loving mom! I love to cook and read all the time. Dancing makes me happy and yes I CAN dance! I love being me and that's the only way to be!


A New Mission

So i decided..dang I really need something to do! I need some sort of project to embark on that will take up some of my time...just a little. I started looking all over the internet for ideas and I saw that a lot of people were doing things that took them a whole year to complete. At first I thought this was too time consuming and i would scattered brain and forgrt some days. But then after a little more thinking..I'm like why the hell not! So I here I am...about to embark on a new mission...I am naming Click-To-365. Whis is pretty much a 365 day project where I go and take pictures of something everyday..it could be anything. Anything that captures my attention and I will write why it captured my attention. Hey, I should actually just make up a few questions that can go hand in hand for each picture..hmm. Sounds like a neat thought.

Now deciding when I should do this is the BIG question...we'll see what happens!!

MZ. Tay


Alright!!! So here it is..barely my 9th week w/o chemicals and I am getting frustrated already!! I dont know...my hair is just thicker and way more unmanageable than before. I really don't want to relax my hair. I know I can have more discipline than this..geesh! What is wrong with me. I think maybe I should try out a new hair style. I do however, want to get my ends clipped and then maybe get some braids or even cornrolls to help with the transitioning process.

This is REALLY something I would like to do. Even if I dont necessarily keep my hair natural..at least I will know what my natural hair texture is and by this time I will know what it means to really "take care" of your hair.



NATURAL has definitely won my heart!!

Sooo I vow starting today to just get the heck on with it! I dread perms, I dread the same hair style over and over again! I hate the fact that my hair is bone straight! I like body. Sooo with that said..I am embarking on the natural journey. A journey that will lead me to learning my hair, loving my hair. To appreciate who I am inside and out...no matter what society says. I want to be me all around and for some reason I want to start here...with my HAIR! I'm nervous and excited because I do know this will be no easy journey. I've heard so many stories about transitioning hair...especially when half your hair is the permed and the other half of its natural..lord help me! lol

It's been approximately 8-10 weeks since I have had my hair chemically treated...and to tell you the truth..my hair feels great!! Last week i had a girlfriend of mines cornrow my hair after being in the pool and did a braid-out to get the crinkly affect and it was great..everyone loved it and people thought I had that wet & wavy weave in..I guess I can thank my thick hair that holds curls very well.
And because I loved it soo much..I kept them in from Saturday till Wednesday.

So then I decided to try something else because I was beginning to look like Diana Ross on a bad hair day (OUCH!) so i googled different hair styles for Transitioning Hair and came across two-stranded twists and bantou knots. I really wanted to try the two-stranded twists but with my cranky daughter...that just wasnt happening. So after I got her down, I washed and deep conditioned my hair and put a little leave in conditioner in it and then towel dried my hair and I did the bantou knots. WHEEEWW!! YouTubers make it look sooo easy...NOT!!! I struggled with them to twist properly or stay in place. Lucky for me..I did enough research to know not to use much product on my hair. So after about 1.5 hrs i had my first attempt at the knots..spritzed with water (read that somewhere) and tied it in the satin scarf i had ought that day. I just realized I am going to have to bury my favorite red scarf..Oh NO!! Anyway, I took them out this morning and undid them...Not too bad for my first time. I just finger combed them and pushed the front up in a clip and I had a head full of loose curls. Oh how I love NATURAL looking curls!!

Well I will post pics later..blogging at work; so posting pics is time consuming...but hope you will follow me on this journey!


"FITTING' Rollercoaster

Up and Down..Up and Down..this is what I have been doing on my diet-work out roller coaster. It's just soo hard when to sticking with a regimen since I have more than on person to care for. But somehow I have to find the time. I don't really have a set goal..but I know when I get to where I want to be I will be satisified. However, this does not mean that I will just stop dieting and exercising. Because I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So I will began to get back into my workouts...no matter what it is and definitely incorporating healthier foods into my life. For now...let the games begin!!



Taking that Step

So I think that I am going to go all NATURAL!! I know..such a big step. But perms r sooo overrated and damaging. Plus my hair grows like CRAZEE so I outgrow a perm too often. I know this will be a transition as being i maybe went 7months natural during my pregnancy with and without the help of braids. It was cool but it was extra work and detangling was a mother! I am thinking of a style tho..like straw curls or mini ringlets. I think they are cute and super sexy...when they are done right.

Uggh..just dont know.


MMMMM...she loves it!

So I was pondering all day yesterday when to start my LO on real food..well baby food..lol. Everytime im eating something she will watch me like a hawk and follow whatever i am eating down to the plate and back up to my mouth. She can hold her head up pretty good and propped up on pillows she rarely falls... So after her regimen, playtime and bath time...i decided to give her some food. I searched in the cabinet (i have tons of food alread, all stages) and picked out organic bananas and organic pears...I let her daddy choose and he chose pears...which was fine by me. So i sat her in her chair and bibbed and took out her little spoon and started to feed her...i thought this was going to be a messy night but much to my surprise my baby loved it! She never thrushed her tongue out to deny it , in fact she was actually pushing it into her mouth and when i would go to spoon some more she used her hand to take it from around her mouth...lol...I thought this was soo cute. she ate a good amount of spoonfulls and it was a very clean meal time...LOL.
But I will change one thing, I will nurse her first because i had sticky pear residue on the boobies...not a good feeling..LOL.



Seriously I would like to know why would one even draw something like this. Then to have it permanently inked into your skin!!!!! And then the tattoo artist who even did it...I'm sorry business is business but some things you just gotta take a stand and say no i wont do it. Are you kidding me....are we promoting child molestation and on top of that, you choose now to post it..when he just died. Wow...sumone needs to tear both of them a new a**!!!

........sorry mike...they're idiots!


Umm..can we say Loser!

so im sitting at my job (i know on the 4th..but oh well..such is life) and i get a call from a resident complaining about a over-flow so i go to check it out..make sure there's no damage..doing my job ya know...mind you this was happening since 4am!!! Anyway, i get there he has no shirt on..yuck#1..then he has his dogs barricaded by a child gate which was fine except for the fact they were blockingt he door i needed to get into. so he lets them off and they r hype like my dogs so i dont mind it..but i did mind that his dog was trying to hump me yuck#2 and he laughs...wat kinda crap is that! so i assess the situation, realize there is nothing wrong. So i tell him maint. is comin and i try to leave and he has the BALLS to ask me are we going to reimbuirse himf or his towels and are we going to knock something off his rent?? ummm...NO! u chose to use ur towels and didnt contact us immediately...and we get floods and people dont get any rent knocked off. I started to tell him i can give you a lease violation for having not one but two pitbulls here but i told myself i was going to be nice for the 5-6hrs i am here today. So needless to say when he got no response he just stood there, scratched his head and then dug his hands in his shorts...yuck#3,4,5...etc!!!!!!!!

I swear...I am NOT a people person...do these people not realize that..Stop testing me.


so I got wat should have gone in the pamper...luckily it was no.1 and not 2...oh boy!
So, I'm sitting here holdn stinka doodle and all of a sudden I feel wet liquid on my leg...needless to say dear old dad didn't put the pamper on properly