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I'm a young smart woman..a loving mom! I love to cook and read all the time. Dancing makes me happy and yes I CAN dance! I love being me and that's the only way to be!


MMMMM...she loves it!

So I was pondering all day yesterday when to start my LO on real food..well baby food..lol. Everytime im eating something she will watch me like a hawk and follow whatever i am eating down to the plate and back up to my mouth. She can hold her head up pretty good and propped up on pillows she rarely falls... So after her regimen, playtime and bath time...i decided to give her some food. I searched in the cabinet (i have tons of food alread, all stages) and picked out organic bananas and organic pears...I let her daddy choose and he chose pears...which was fine by me. So i sat her in her chair and bibbed and took out her little spoon and started to feed her...i thought this was going to be a messy night but much to my surprise my baby loved it! She never thrushed her tongue out to deny it , in fact she was actually pushing it into her mouth and when i would go to spoon some more she used her hand to take it from around her mouth...lol...I thought this was soo cute. she ate a good amount of spoonfulls and it was a very clean meal time...LOL.
But I will change one thing, I will nurse her first because i had sticky pear residue on the boobies...not a good feeling..LOL.


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