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reside in Salisbury-born in Brooklyn, NY, United States
I'm a young smart woman..a loving mom! I love to cook and read all the time. Dancing makes me happy and yes I CAN dance! I love being me and that's the only way to be!


Home Sick

So I am currently missing my orginal home..New York City. What I miss is being able to walk to the store for a sandwhich at 12am and not worrying about gas. I actually miss walking everywhere..driving will make you lazy. I miss the trains..even tho half the time they were late...I miss it tho.

I miss my family..although we didnt always get along..they were right there..whether in another borough ora bust ride away...I could still get to them. Now i have to purchase tickets and plan in advance to see them. Not exactly what I will call easy...especially since I have a child now.

I wish I could just go home and still have the life I have here...but I knwo that's not possible..only somewhat. But I will be making a move soon...real soon.

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