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reside in Salisbury-born in Brooklyn, NY, United States
I'm a young smart woman..a loving mom! I love to cook and read all the time. Dancing makes me happy and yes I CAN dance! I love being me and that's the only way to be!


A New Mission

So i decided..dang I really need something to do! I need some sort of project to embark on that will take up some of my time...just a little. I started looking all over the internet for ideas and I saw that a lot of people were doing things that took them a whole year to complete. At first I thought this was too time consuming and i would scattered brain and forgrt some days. But then after a little more thinking..I'm like why the hell not! So I here I am...about to embark on a new mission...I am naming Click-To-365. Whis is pretty much a 365 day project where I go and take pictures of something everyday..it could be anything. Anything that captures my attention and I will write why it captured my attention. Hey, I should actually just make up a few questions that can go hand in hand for each picture..hmm. Sounds like a neat thought.

Now deciding when I should do this is the BIG question...we'll see what happens!!

MZ. Tay

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